Before Our First Game

Our campaign will start in the small town of Chol, a small port town located in North-West Ord. The town isn’t of much consequence, with a modest port sometimes used by small ships needing supplies or some solid footing for the night. It’s a relatively safe place to stop for those wanting to avoid the likes of Five Fingers.

The town is governed by Lord Culright, a fair-handed, if recently reclusive, man of some wealth. His family founded Chol generations ago in response to pirate attacks between the Khardic Sea and the Sea of a Thousand Souls. Since then, it has remained fairly innocuous, showing hospitality to ships flying any friendly flag.

Recently there have been some disturbing rumors of people being arrested, often at night, and sent away on ships leaving Culright’s private dock. For those who have seen Culright’s guards arrest someone, they are often accused of shocking crimes. Those passing through have been arrested of mass murder, treason, or theft of priceless treasures from neighboring kingdoms. The few citizens who have been arrested are often accused of black magic.

Since the arrests started, Culright has become increasingly withdrawn from the town, and has even hired mercenary guards from Five Fingers to stand outside the keep. It’s strange, and after two months it has raised more than a few eyebrows.

As players, you need to figure out why you’re in town. Are you a citizen? Are you passing through on other business? Have you been sent to investigate rumors of black magic? Perhaps the increase in criminals taking refuge in town has raised some concern from the crime lords in Five Fingers who are afraid their business is being taken.

The town features a handful of buildings, including:
-Fresh Fish Tavern and Inn
-Lord Culright’s Keep
-A few farm houses on the outskirts of town
-The docks
-Wesley’s General Goods and Trading

Before Our First Game

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